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Friendly reminder that the Spring 2013 application is due this Friday at 5pm PST.  If anyone has any questions regarding the application please reach out to Clayton (clayton at   Good luck.

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Dear NAMD Family:

We wanted to take a moment to send our sincere and heartfelt sympathy to those of you impacted by Hurricane Sandy last week.  Please know that you all are in our thoughts and we are hoping for a speedy recovery from the storm.

Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast on Sunday, October 28th, leaving our towns and cities flooded and millions without power, water, food, homes, and in some cases, family members.  Many areas have been deeply impacted, as we can all see from the images on the news and on the web.   And another storm is headed our way shortly.  NAMD hopes that everyone will  take the necessary extra steps to remain safe.

The temperature continues to drop in our region and it been more than a week since the hurricane.  We know that many of you still do not have power, which can be dangerous, and the Nor’Easter is slated to hit the area tonight into tomorrow.  We encourage you to be proactive in getting yourself and your families to safety and warmth. 

As part of our efforts to assist the African American marketing community, NAMD will send out a survey to you next week that we will need you to complete.  The information that you provide will be used to access the impact of storm on our members/supporters as a whole, help us recommend resources that might be helpful to you and advocate on behalf of our overall community via our sister organizations, partners and local political offices throughout the affected region.  So we urge you to take the time to complete the survey when you receive it and provide as much detail as possible. 

We also want to remind you to keep accurate records, as well as photos, so you can document your losses, any damages sustained, and any costs incurred in getting back up and running.

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank everyone who went out to the polls and made their voices heard during the Presidential election yesterday.  This election was of monumental importance, especially for us.  These are critical times and we have to be sure that the right leaders are in place to keep us on the right path and moving forward.  I am confident that the newly re-elected president will make sure that relief continues to come to those affected by Hurricane Sandy for as long as necessary.

We are here if you need us and always want to hear from you. At this time, the best way to reach us is by email at

Please keep in touch, stay safe over the next couple of days as we weather another storm, and remain faithful.

Warmest regards,

Lamonia Brown, Board President
NAMD Greater New York Chapter

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This year will be a time for you to explore the many services, opportunities and events available through our chapter. By being a part of NAMD as a member or a supporter, you will find a wealth of information and business contacts that will enrich and complement you personally and professionally. Take an opportunity to explore our site, come to one of our events or take an opportunity to become a member, Membership is only $125 per year.

National survey asks African-Americans what's missing from their TV choices

From Target Market News

A coalition of consumer groups, media activists, clergy and concerned citizens are launching a national online survey to ask African-American households to tell their preferences about the kind of relevant programming choices they want to see on television.

The coalition is being brought together by the Black Heritage Network, a new cable channel planned for launch this year that will offer what it calls "Black-oriented non-fiction programming." The network hopes to use the information gathered as a guide for its own programming plans.

According to Nielsen data, African-Americans watch 40% more hours of television per month than the general population. Despite being one of TV's most important audiences, programming that addresses their varied  interests are not being offered. Coalition members says that there is plenty of research on what African-American are watching, but virtually nothing on what they would prefer to see on television. 

A review of TV programs currently being aired that feature African-Americans in starring roles reveals that most are so-called reality-based shows or re-runs of comedies were once featured on the major four networks. The next largest block of hours of particular interest to blacks consists of re-broadcasts of theatrically released movies (again, mostly comedies) starring black actors.

"Based upon the viewing options available to black households, there seems to be a conscious effort to ignore certain types of programs that appeal to African-Americans," said Dr. Teresa Hairston, a member of the coalition and consultant to the Black Heritage Network. "News, interviews, documentaries and issue-oriented programs targeted for African-Americans are almost impossible to find, especially during the primetime schedule."

Conducting a first-time national survey asking African-Americans what they want to see on TV will clearly demonstrate there is demand for a broader range of programs beyond entertainment., which is being supported by various African-American groups and media outlets, plans to get as many participants to "vote" for more TV options as possible during the next two months.

"Many of the decisions that are made by the TV industry are based not necessarily on research but on the opinions and experiences of executives'," said Dr. Hairston. "This is an important opportunity for black families to let the industry know exactly what kinds of program choices they want, especially for their children."

In addition to gathering ideas for programs, the survey will ask participants to rank their interest in programs covering news and current affairs, documentaries and independent films, public television programs and regionally-aired shows. 

The survey will be available online at until February 29th -- the end of Black History Month. Some of the nation's leading newspapers, radio programs, magazines and Web sites will be encouraging their audiences to participate. The results will be made through these same outlets and will also be delivered to key leaders in media, civil rights and academia.

For further information, visit or email

From NAMD-New York member ERIC HAMILTON


AdSmoke History:
For those who don't know, AdSmoke is a video ad network founded by ex-Yahoo! employees.

AdSmoke allows website owners the ability to make money from their video content by showing commercials in front of that content. We developed our original prototype in May 2008 but the market wasn't ready for online video monetization in mass. We had a good idea at the wrong time thus our prototype sat on the shelf for 3 years..  Since 2008 the online video market has grown more than 10X.

In early 2011, we decided to dust off our prototype and see if there was a market for our services.

We developed our beta in June 2011 and we are launching next week.  We have more than 185 websites in the pipeline waiting to deploy AdSmoke and another 400 pending.  This includes, the number source for all things Bieber.  We accomplished all of this without venture capital backing or angel investors.

AdSmoke Launch Event:
We are having an informal AdSmoke Meet and Greet during Social Media Week NYC.
The Brooklyneer
220 W Houston St 
New York, NY 10014 
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM (ET)

We hope that you can attend...